There’s been one question on everyone’s minds over the last few months, and that’s: What the heck is going on between Maddie Ziegler and Kailand Morris? The dancer and the model (who is actually Stevie Wonder‘s son!) reportedly met while their younger siblings, Mackenzie Ziegler and Mandla Morris, were both competing on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. And since then, they’ve been spending a lot of time together.

Now, whenever two stars of the opposite sex start to hangout a lot, fans tend to speculate that they may be more than friends. And the same goes for Maddie and Kailand! Especially since the pair did a super steamy and romantic photoshoot together (they even almost kissed in one of the pics!). Yeah, it definitely seems like something is going on here.

But the 16-year-old addressed the rumors once and for all during an appearance on The Talk back in December. And while she didn’t confirm that they are a couple, she did totally blush while talking about her rumored beau!

“See, the thing is, we’re all great friends. Dancing With The Stars, you make a family there and all of us together, his younger brother Mandla, all of us hang out literally every day together. It’s so fun,” Maddie explained. “People assume everything, but we’ve had a great time and we’re all so close. And I love them so much.”

We’re unfortunately still not 100 percent sure what’s going on between them, but we went ahead and did some investigating. We rounded up all the clues that they’re more than friends, and boy, is there a lot of them. Scroll through our gallery to see.

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