Are Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo back on? Since Joshua dropped his single “Different” in October 2022, fans are convinced that the song, which details rekindling a relationship, is about Olivia. Keep reading to uncover the song’s lyrics and why fans think it’s hinting at Olivia.

Why Do Fans Think Joshua Bassett’s ‘Different’ Is About Olivia Rodrigo?

After Joshua released clips of “Different” on TikTok in October, fans immediately speculated that the song is about his rumored ex-girlfriend and HSMTMTS costar. While the two exes certainly have some history (like a Grammy-winning album and a Sabrina Carpenter-love triangle kind of history), it does seem like Joshua is hinting at the SOUR singer.

His first line, “Darling, how I missed you, two years, not even friends” and “I’m trying not to kiss you, ’cause we’ve seen how this can end,” feels very referential to the drama that ensued after Olivia released her hit song “driver’s license” that fans believed was about Joshua and their rumored relationship which ended in 2020. That would add up to two years!

Another hint to Olivia in “Different” is when he sings, “But no one knows me like you know me, dear,” which feels like a direct reference to Olivia’s “driver’s license.”  In her song she sings, “And all my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you, but I kinda feel sorry for them, ’cause they’ll never know you the way that I do.”

Why Do Fans Think Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett Are Back Together?

Following the single’s release, fans immediately took their reactions to Twitter and TikTok. “Joshua bassett releasing a song that implies him and olivia rodrigo may have rekindled things was not on my 2022 bingo card,” one fan joked on Twitter.

One listener compared the two lyrics,”‘Cause they’ll never know you the way that I do’ – drivers license olivia rodrigo ‘But no one knows me like you know me, dear’ – different joshua bassett. i dont wanna get my hopes up but the lyrics tho.”

Other fans aren’t as convinced. “The people who think joshua bassett and olivia rodrigo are back together are stupid but what did I expect from the people who ruined his life for a whole year,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another skeptic wrote,”Why do ppl think olivia rodrigo and joshua bassett are back together ?? just read the lyrics to his new song and that could be about any of his ex, hell there’s more chance that he would talk about sabrina than olivia.”

Have Joshua and Olivia Responded Commented on the Speculation?

While they have yet to respond to rekindling rumors, Joshua and Olivia posed with another on the HSMTMTS season 3 red carpet premiere back in July 2022 — nearly breaking the internet.

“I just remember going through that awful heartbreak and feeling so responsible for it too in a way,” Olivia told Drew Barrymore on her breakup that inspired her SOUR album in March 2022. “Like, you can blame someone else and be like, ‘Oh I hate that you did that to me.’ But when you really think about it, you put yourself in a position to be hurt and nobody’s perfect, and you must have done things wrong in that relationship too.”

“I think that’s a big part of forgiving another person in a breakup, is forgiving yourself too,” she continued. Looks like the two have definitely forgiven one another!

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