Suprise (again)! Joshua Bassett has released his fourth track of October 2022 and this one is “Different.” Following the release of his EP Sad Songs In a Hotel Room in September, then October releases “Would You Love Me Now,” “She Said He Said She Said” and “i’m sorry,” Joshua is a song-writing machine!

“In between the time that I wrote this EP, and it came out, I’ve written another 50 songs that I’m excited about,” Joshua said following the release of “Different,” speaking VMAN. “That’s why I’m so eager to put out these other songs because I feel like they represent a different level of my artistry.”

He added, “And also, I feel like, why wait when you have stuff that you’re 10 times as excited about? Long answer short, it was wonderful to put it out there, but my mind is full steam ahead on the next chapter.”

Joshua Bassett’s ‘Different’ Lyric Breakdown, Meaning

The HSMTMTS actor reunites with an old love in the new track, promising that this time their relationship will be “Different.”

“Darling, how I missed you, two years, not even friends. And I’m trying not to kiss you, ’cause we’ve seen how this can end,” he croons in the first verse. “And my therapist would kill me, ff she knew that I was here. But no one knows me like you know me, dear. And no one holds me how you hold me.”

“My biggest regret was walking away, I’m not gonna make the same mistake,” the 21-year-old sings in falsetto over strummed guitar. He then suggests they take a leap of faith. “I know you’re afraid we’ll end up the same, and the truth is we might,” he sing in the chorus. “But if we do this thing right, maybe this time it will be different.”

Joshua wrote all four “and a dozen more” in the same week when inspiration struck out of the blue. “Between long lost love, broken promises, reconciliation and new beginnings — you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

Why Do Fans Think Joshua Bassett’s ‘Different’ Is About Olivia Rodrigo?

After Joshua released clips of “Different” on TikTok, fans immediately speculated that the song is about his rumored ex-girlfriend and HSMTMTS costar, Olivia Rodrigo. While the two exes certainly have some history (like a Grammy-winning album and a Sabrina Carpenter-love triangle kind of history), it does seem like Joshua is hinting at the SOUR singer.

His first line, “Darling, how I missed you, two years, not even friends” and “I’m trying not to kiss you, ’cause we’ve seen how this can end,” feels very referential to the drama that ensued after Olivia released her hit song “driver’s license” that fans believed was about Joshua.

Another possible hint to Olivia in “Different” is when he sings, “But no one knows me like you know me, dear,” which feels like a direct reference to Olivia’s “driver’s license.”  In her song she sings, “And all my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you, but I kinda feel sorry for them, ’cause they’ll never know you the way that I do.”

One fan on TikTok wrote, “Ok … Josh … now this one is WAY too obvious.”

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