Christmas is just a few days away, and we’re all gearing up for the holiday by decorating our trees, hanging up our stockings, and wrapping our presents! And it turns out, so are our favorite celebrities! Stars like Nick Jonas, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande have all shared photos of their glorious Christmas trees, but fans noticed something a little different about Ariana’s… It’s upside down!

We shouldn’t have expected anything less from her because it honestly wouldn’t be Ariana if she didn’t add her own iconic twist to something, right? But naturally, we have A LOT of questions. Why did she hang her Christmas tree upside down? How did she get it to stay that way? Why didn’t the ornaments fall? Where will the presents go?

As J-14 readers know, things being upside down is kind of the “God Is A Woman” singer’s thing. Her album Sweetener featured a pic of the songstress upside down as the album cover, and after it’s release, Ariana constantly tweeted using upside down letters! Not to mention her merch featured the upside down writing, as did her Twitter bio for a while. But on Wednesday, Dec. 19, Ariana explained her upside down Christmas tree one simple sentence: “Sometimes life just be upside-down,” she told photographers.

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Naturally, Twitter went wild over the 26-year-old’s different take on a classic Christmas tree. “She’s defining the law of gravity, imagine being that powerful,” one fan joked, while another added, “No trees left to cry,” — an ode to her single “No Tears Left To Cry,” of course.

Some fans even tried it for themselves, but the results weren’t as successful.


It turns out though, Ariana actually isn’t the only person glueing their Christmas tree to their ceiling. Upside down Christmas trees are actually the new thing lately, and have been spotted in homes and store windows all around the world. It was reported that some stores started doing it so that people could get a better look at the ornaments, but after doing some digging, we found out that it actually dates back to the middle ages! Apparently, Eastern European Christians would flip their trees to represent the Trinity. Well, it looks great but we’re still pretty puzzled about how people get everything to stay, and we’ve decided to keep ours right-side-up.

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