New music from Ariana Grande might be coming very soon and fans are shook! On Wednesday, February 19, while chatting with one of her followers on Twitter, the 26-year-old songstress teased a possible upcoming album.

After releasing two records in 2019 — Thank U Next and K Bye For Now (Swt Live) — and going on a major world tour, fans thought that Ariana would be taking a break from music for a while, but her recent tweets said otherwise.

“It’s only [February], but I am antsy and inspired,” she wrote back to a fan who begged her to take a break.

From the sound of it, Ariana has been itching to share some new music. In response to another fan, the singer said she was “bored.”

“I miss feeding my children I am bored,” she admitted.

A third follower asked if her tweets meant that was “planning something already,” to which Ariana replied, “[Just] sharing how I feel.”

Her social media posts didn’t end there! In a series of since-deleted tweets, Ariana shared a screenshot that seemingly showed all the songs she has been working on in 2020.

“I should not post this but f**k it. These are how many ideas I really really love (like enough to tell you that they exist) in a playlist of things I’ve made since I’ve been home,” she wrote alongside the photo. “I love this s**t, I can’t help it.”

Ariana Grande Teases New Songs: 'I Am Antsy And Inspired'

“Wish I could play [you] things as I make them…but….inspired and not resting and nothing has changed. [Just] thought [you] should know,” she wrote in a separate post.

After Ariana replied to all her fans and shared the major music teaser, the singer explained that it’ll be a while before she officially releases anything.

“Ok that’s enough for now. I promise nothing’s happening yet. Just had to get that off my chest. Love [you] way too much,” Ariana said.

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