It’s no secret Ariana Grande has been through a lot lately and she’s endured a lot of heartbreak. But now, she’s letting fans know she’s doing better, thanks to the love of her life. Yes, there is a special someone who is proving to be a true comfort to Ari during this tough time and she clearly came along when the singer needed her most. We’re talking about Piggy Smallz here, as in her pet pig.

The 25-year-old took to Twitter to let the world know that her little piglet is “the absolute love of my life.” She feels #blessed to have Piggy.

Now, this is a rather bold proclamation to make, as the “No Tears Left to Cry” songstress is a mom to quite a dogs too. But Piggy has come at a time when she’s really needing to surround herself with all the love and light possible, so it’s easy to see why Piggy has a special place in Ariana’s heart. It wasn’t too long ago that she was dubbing her former fiancé Pete Davidson the love of her life and true soulmate, but hey, guys come and go. But the love from your pet pig lasts forever, right? And Piggy Smallz is such a cutie.

Ariana Grande Pig
Instagram, @arianagrande

It’s nice to see that Ariana is feeling the love again, as she’s had a lot of ups and downs. From the tragic bombing that took place at her concert in Manchester in 2017 that claimed the lives of 22 of her fans and injured many more, to the sudden death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, to calling off her engagement, girl hasn’t been able to catch a break. But now, she’s letting the world know she has a special someone she’s dubbing the true love of her life and we have a feeling this little one is going to be there for her for a long time. Wonder how Pete feels about having that Piggy Smallz tattoo now…

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