We all love to see our favorite artists perform, but for Ariana Grande, it isn’t easy. The singer just explained that every time she sings her new songs, it feels like she’s reliving her pain all over again. Wow, our hearts are truly breaking.

“Music is your therapy and I love seeing it heal you,” a fan tweeted the 25-year-old on Thursday, April 18. But her response was devastating.

“Making it is healing,” the “God Is a Woman” songstress replied. “Performing it is like reliving it all over again and it is hell.”

Ariana Grande Tweet

Fans were quick to flood the former Victorious actress with support, and one fan even suggested she cancel her tour.

“I won’t. I wouldn’t do that. I just am sharing,” she responded. “It’s hard and I’m trying and my soul is confused and tired and I love you.”

Although she has no plans to stop touring, the Nickelodeon star admitted that she doesn’t think it’s good for her mental health.

“I don’t think it is [good for my mental health], honestly. It’s been very hard. I have so much on my mind and it’s so heavy and no energy to process or work through any of it but I’m trying hard,” she wrote. “And seeing you all is so nice but it’s hard emotionally. I wish it was a year ago. I’d give anything.”

Ariana Grande

The tweets have now been deleted.

“I just feel empty and I wanna have more to say / better energy to give to you and right now, I don’t have anything. Love you,” she wrote in one last tweet.

As fans know, Ari has definitely had a rough few years. Back in 2017, tragedy struck at her Dangerous Woman tour when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb just as people were exiting the show. 22 people were unfortunately killed. Then, in 2018, her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passed away from an overdose.

As much as we love seeing Ariana on stage, what’s most important is that she’s happy.

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