Ariana Grande shook the internet when she posted a series of photos and used some movie quotes as the captions. Seems normal right? Not exactly, because it turns out the pics and their captions had some major clues about her upcoming music video and we’ve gone ahead and uncovered them all.

The singer posted the pics to her Instagram account on Nov. 19, and used some of the movie Mean Girl‘s most epic lines as the captions.

The snaps, which featured her and her best friend Alexa Luria and her bestie/cousin, Courtney Chipolone, at first glance looked like normal, BFF pics. But after Ariana took to her Instagram Story to explain that they have a deeper meaning, fans naturally started to come up with all sorts of theories and Twitter went absolutely wild.

Some fans thought the singer might be releasing a Mean Girls inspired album, while others thought it might be a new single with references to the movie. But Ariana was quick to shut the rumors down. After a fan tweeted her that she was confused, the singer replied, “Good. Trust me. Have patience. All your theories are wrong. Bye.”

The 25-year-old also added on her Instagram Story that the Mean Girls pics were only “25 percent of the tea,” meaning there was a lot more to come! Then, on Nov. 20, Ariana posted another series of photos, this time referencing the movie Legally Blonde.

So what does it all mean? It turns out, Ariana’s music video for “Thank U, Next” is coming soon and the singer will reenact some of our favorite movies in it! We’ve all been patiently waiting for Ari to drop the music video ever since she surprised fans with the release of the single at the beginning of November and basically, we are freaking out.

And what do Mean Girls and Legally Blonde have in common? They both focus on empowered females, who are strong without a man and get revenge on those who do them wrong. Seems fitting for the song, which is an ode to Ariana’s exes and is about how she’s focusing on herself during the next chapter of her life.

“Ariana’s really out here making a music video for her best song with references to some of the best movies of all time!! Featuring iconic female characters! It’s a YES!” one fan wrote on Twitter, to which Ariana replied with a heart.

Another fan added that if Mean Girls was 25 percent of the tea, and Legally Blonde was another 25 percent of the tea, then there must be two more movies that are going to be featured in the music video.

“I’m reachin'” the fan wrote.

“Nah you got it,” Ariana responded.

So that means that the music video will feature two more epic, girl empowered movies. Fans also noticed that the singer posted a selfie recently in the exact same outfit as the main character of 13 Going On 30!

Ariana Grande 13 Going On 30
Instagram: @ArianaGrande

“Ok you guessed the third! But there’s still one more,” Ariana wrote on her Instagram Story.

We wonder what the final movie will be. Our guess is 10 Things I Hate About You or Miss Congeniality, what are your guesses?

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