It’s over, you guys. After over a year together Asher Angel and Annie LeBlanc have called it quits. The singer shared the heartbreaking news via her Instagram Stories on May 13, 2020, and fans were seriously devastated over it.

“It breaks my heart to write this, but Asher and I have broken up. It’s no ones fault, especially not his. He treated me exactly the way a girl should be treated and deserves no hates. He will always hold a special place in my heart and I wish him nothing but the best,” she wrote. “I hope you guys will understand and continue to support and love us both.”

Asher Annie Split

Hours after Annie’s announcement, Asher took to Instagram himself, where he seemingly addressed the breakup in a post of his own.

“You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart,” he wrote.

But when Annie caught wind of his message, she decided to set the record straight once and for all about what really went wrong between them.

“This is just a normal teenage breakup and it happens all the time. No one did anything wrong,” she explained during an Instagram Live. “I’m not going to give you guys all the information, and I wish I could, but I’m not going to get into it because I don’t like bringing things to the internet. In my mind, what me and his family had ‘agreed on’ was that I was going to post [the statement] and that they were okay with it. I reached out to them and asked them, so we could be on the same page about it because I respected them enough to give them the opportunity to say they didn’t like anything. When I asked everybody if they were okay with the post and everybody gave the thumbs up, I posted it, because you guys deserve to know what’s happening to a certain extent.”

The brunette beauty claimed that it was Asher’s mom who had posted the cryptic message from his account, and she was definitely not happy about it.

“Why are you literally calling me out? [His mom] completely threw me under the bus and you guys didn’t need to know all of the details. For her to post certain details that she wants to post and not all of them, it just really, really frustrates me. She really didn’t help the situation at all. All it did was confuse you guys and put me in a terrible position,” she continued. “I feel like I needed to come on here and clear up that I didn’t do anything wrong… I had no idea that post was going up and to see it online, and all of the comments, I just felt so hurt because I was really, really close to them. This isn’t even a little bit of what’s been going on… Again, I don’t wish any hate on him or me, we didn’t do anything wrong, we’re teenagers, but that post invited hate on me, and I do not appreciate that at all because I never ever ever would have done anything like that to hurt Asher, and neither would my mom. Ever.”

Days later, the Andi Mack star opened up about the split during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s been very hard. It’s been hard for me, it’s been hard for my family,” he said. “You know, quarantine has been tough. I haven’t seen her in 75 days, I mean, that’s not easy on any kind of relationship. And we’re young, we’re teenagers, so we were seeing each other every other day and all of a sudden, that’s just taken away from us. That was super hard.”

“I’m heartbroken,” he continued. “I love her so much. She was… she’s my everything. She is my rock, she means the world to me. I was trying to be optimistic about the whole thing, and think that she would maybe come back, or she just needed some time and space. That’s my kind of approach to it because it just didn’t seem real. But as soon as it was announced, that’s just where I was just, ugh, I was just devastated. I finally knew that it was real, that it was actually happening. I think the most important thing is I just want her heart to be happy. That’s the biggest thing. As long as her heart’s happy, I’m happy. I’m always going to be here for her and her family, and I believe she knows that.”

Asher also addressed Annie’s claims that his mom had posted that Instagram post.

“Not at all [true]. I posted it,” he explained. “I wanted to post something because I wanted to share how I was feeling and I found this quote that really resonated with me, and it was exactly the way I felt. I was like, ‘Should I post it, should I not?’ I just didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t think straight. I just decided to post it, thinking that she would appreciate it and it was just a tribute, saying, ‘I love you and for making me so happy.’ I feel like I wanted to make a post, just to show tribute. I just wanted to make a post saying, ‘I love you, I’m always here for you, and you’re a big part of my life.’ That’s the only thing that I was trying to come across and say. It wasn’t to throw shade or anything like that, to cause any kind of issues. Not at all. I love them, they’re amazing. My family loves them. That’s just not the kind of people that we are.”

Then, in July 2020, he revealed that they hadn’t spoken since their breakup.

“I don’t know how she feels. I haven’t spoken to her,” he replied to a fan on YouTube, who asked how Annie felt about his new music video.

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“Things change,” he wrote when another fan said they missed seeing him and Annie together.

ICYMI, the actor first confirmed that they were dating back in May 2019, and after that, they quickly became couple goals. They were constantly hanging out, gushing over each other in interviews and sharing the cutest, PDA-filled photos on social media — and we seriously couldn’t get enough!

But how exactly did these two meet, you ask? How did they become more than friends? How long were they together? And what exactly went wrong? Don’t worry, you guys, because we’ve got you covered. We went ahead and made you a complete guide to their relationship, and boy, was it adorable.

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