You would be surprised over how many Australian K-pop stars there are! There are members in BLACKPINK, Stray Kids, NewJeans and so much more. Keep reading for a list of all the K-pop stars who are Aussies.

One of the groups with the most Australian K-pop idols has to be Stray Kids. The boy band has what fans lovingly dub their “Aussie line,” which includes Stray Kids leader Bang Chan and Felix.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Australia, Bang Chan and Felix spoke about growing up in Australia and their journeys to debuting as K-pop idols. Felix had the shortest adjustment period, as he only trained for less than a year before debuting (for Bang Chan, it was 7), and he revealed how his lifestyle had to change completely.

“When I was in Australia, I’d go to school, come back home, do my homework, and that was it for the day,” Felix explained. “And when I went to Korea, I was training and practicing, it was a new experience.”

While all the members in Stray Kids are pretty close, the two Aussies revealed that their similar upbringings helped to forge a special bond.

“It was a little bit of greed, because I wanted to get closer to him,” Bang Chan told the outlet. “We talked a lot, we stayed up all night, we cried together. And I remember when I was at my hardest [moments], Felix took such great care of me too.” Aww!

Another K-pop group with several Australian members is NewJeans, whose members Danielle and Hanni are both from down under! While Hanni was born in Melbourne, Danielle grew up surfing on the beaches of Newcastle, New South Wales, before beginning her training as a K-pop idol.

“There are so many new experiences that still feel surreal at times,” Danielle told NME in January 2023. “We’re taking everything day by day, slowly, and cherishing these moments as we go. Being able to perform like this on stage, it’s just a dream that we’ve dreamt for so long. To be able to share our story through music is, I think, truly amazing.”

Scroll through our gallery below to uncover all of the Australian K-pop stars (because there are a lot).

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