Another journey back to Pandora! Avatar 3 has already been confirmed, and there’s a lot in store for the new characters as the film franchise continues. Bailey Bass, for one, told J-14 exclusively that the upcoming movie will “explore” her character Tsireya — a member of the Metkayina Clan, who were introduced in the franchise’s sequel — a bit more.

There’s a budding romance that we touched on in the first film with my character, and I can’t wait to explore that,” the actress, 19, gushed on the Golden Globes red carpet in January 2023. “But then, also see what else is gonna happen. What are these kids gonna get into as well.”

Keep reading for everything we know about Avatar 3 so far. 

What Did Bailey Bass Say About the ‘Avatar’ Films?

One of the most exciting things for me about Avatar 2, though, is that, I feel like it’s bringing people back to theaters,” she shared. “Some movies you gotta see in that theater, and I’m so excited for that.” 

The actress kicked off her role as Tsireya when production began in 2017, so she went through her teen years on set.

“Special effects, visual effects, stunts, stunt training. My highest breath hold was six minutes and 30 seconds!” the budding star said. “To me, it was normal because I was like, 13, 14, 15 — just a tween swimming in this huge tank, being a part of this big film. That was my normal.” 

'Avatar 3' Is Set to 'Explore' More of Bailey Bass' Character Tsireya: Cast Details, Release Date
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Overall, Bailey said it’s an “honor” to be a part of the franchise. “This is a really, really big deal. But then to also be [at the Golden Globes] for a film that’s nominated for Best Picture? That is the biggest debut,” she gushed. 

What Did Bailey Bass Say About Her Character?

“Tsireya is a strong freediver,” the Interview With a Vampire star told MTV in December 2022. “And she’s super kind, has a big heart, and bonds with the Sully kids very quickly.”

When Will ‘Avatar 3’ Premiere?

As of now, the forthcoming movie has a projected release date of 2024.

Who Is Starring in ‘Avatar 3’?

Some of the original stars are set to reprise their roles, however, an official casting announcement has yet to be made.

Reporting by Louisa Marshall

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