It looks like Beyoncé might have just got caught creeping on Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram page. The singer seemingly liked and unliked the Keeping Up With The Kardashains star’s most recent selfie.

The photo, which showed the 22-year-old in a bright red jumpsuit while cleaning out her closet, was posted on Thursday, January 9. Not soon after it went live on Kylie’s social media page, fans were quick to notice Beyoncé’s like. Despite the like having disappeared off the Instagram post, fans screenshotted and tweeted the evidence.

“Is Beyoncé lurking again cause why did she like Kylie Jenner’s Insta pic,” one fan wrote on Twitter alongside a video clip that showed her since-removed like. Another added, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Beyoncé Liked Kylie Jenner’s post.”

Beyonce Seemingly Caught Creeping On Kylie Jenner’s Instagram As She Likes And Unlikes Selfie

For those who don’t know, fans have long speculated that the “Formation” singer isn’t a fan of the reality star family. So, once they saw this like, some followers began to argue that it was “an accident.” They speculated that Beyoncé’s kids must have been playing on her phone.

“I don’t think that was Beyoncé who like Kylie Jenner pic. One of the twins were playing on her phone,” one person said on Twitter. Another fan wrote, “Beyoncé liked Kylie Jenner’s latest IG Post. [Her daughter] Blue Ivy was playing on Mama’s phone I see.”

Other fans were quick to question the singer’s motives and hoped that it meant there was collaboration between the two celebrities in the works.

“Beyoncé liked Kylie Jenner’s picture on Instagram. What does this mean? We need answers,” a fan wrote. Someone else chimed in and said, “Maybe a collaboration is on the way.” 

A third fan said, Beyoncé liked Kylie Jenner’s picture on Instagram…\Beyoncé [doesn’t] even follow [anyone]…hmmm… what’s happening.”

A Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with Beyoncé seems to be something that these fans could get behind.

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