Yep, that’s right Twilight fans, Booboo Stewart is still super close with his former wolfpack! Before he was a Disney Channel star, the 26-year-old starred as young werewolf Seth Clearwater in both parts of the fan-favorite flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Now, even though it’s been over nine years since the film first premiered, Booboo recently revealed he’s still close with the actors from the films.

“I actually just worked with Julia [Jones] on Westworld,” he told fellow Disney alum Christy Carlson Romano in her most recent YouTube video. “Every time I’m in New York I always hang out with Chaske [Spencer], he lives in New York.”

For those who missed it, Booboo and Christy recently teamed up to make their own version of the Blue Corn Muffins from the Twilight films on an episode of “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback.” After the baking was finished, the actors sat down and watched The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn together. Not only did Booboo share some epic behind-the-scenes secrets from his time making the movie, but also admitted this was the first time he watched it since it premiered back in 2011.

“I was 16 years old [when we made the movie] and they had to cut my hair short,” he remembered. “Honestly the whole era of my life was very crazy, very interesting.”

While they watched Bella and Edward’s wedding scene Booboo remembered how hard it was to film outside in the forest because of the paparazzi.

“Because everybody wanted to get a photo of what her [wedding] dress was going to look like, helicopters were flying above the set trying to get photos,” the X-Men star explained. “People were in trees across the river. We had security swimming in the rivers, it was the craziest security. She’d come out and be covered in umbrellas. They had stuff covering the sky, walls blacking out so you couldn’t see into the set.”

That’s not all! He also shared an awesome story about how his Twilight role actually came into play during his time on the Descendants set, years later.

“The guy who did [Twilight‘s] choreography ended up choreographing Descendants,” Booboo said before revealing that although both movie franchises were filmed in Canada, he had very different experiences with both films.

As it turned out, when filming Twilight, Booboo was always freezing (and the cast almost got evacuated because of a Tsunami warning) and during Descendants, they were all sweating while wearing “leather clothes.”

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