Taking his music to a new level! Bryce Xavier is taking the world by storm with his “happier” EP Butterfly Effect, which dropped on Friday, February 26.

“All of my previous music was me in a really dark place,” the 19-year-old singer told J-14 exclusively. “I’m glad to give [my fans] songs to feel good about and grow with — this EP is all about growth.”

Among all six songs on Butterfly Effect, one line from the title track stands out to Bryce the most — “I got so used to the sideline that now I’m scared of the spotlight.”

“This line is so important to me because it finally feels like I’m in control of my own life, and honestly, it was culture shock,” he explained.

The California native first stepped into the music scene with his 2019 debut single “His Girl,” and since then he’s been making a major name for himself online, not only with his music, but with acting projects and TikTok videos too. Throughout his time in the spotlight, one thing has always been a constant for Bryce: being himself.

“I’ll always let the public know something when I no longer care about anyone’s opinion,” he told J-14. “So no matter what anyone says about me, I know exactly who I am.”

Bryce noted that he’s been “more creative than ever” while making music and auditioning amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He advises fans who may be struggling during this time to “ground yourself, and find something that makes you happy and follow it.”

Bryce Xavier Exclusive
Courtesy of Bryce Xavier/Instagram

He’s also used his social media as a platform for advocacy amid the Black Lives Matter Movement. “Black lives need more attention now than ever. With an insane election and differences in America’s political views, we are targets,” Bryce said, explaining why Black History Month is important this year more than ever. “We simply want to be heard and have change.”

The talented teen reminded his supporters to “research how to help Black lives, showcase Black artists in any realm and support black businesses.” When it comes to his favorite Black Americans in the entertainment space, Bryce loves how Brent Faiyaz and SZA are “spearheading our generation with music and soul.”

When it comes to Bryce’s future, the young star has a few major goals for himself, including “a song on the Billboard Top 100 (which there will be), a feature with one of my favorite artists and to just keep learning and growing and improving.”

Check out Bryce’s EP Butterfly Effect, out now, and head over to the J-14 magazine Instagram Stories to see his EP release takeover.

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