TW: Emotional. Suga, whose birth name is Min Yoongi, has pretty much grown up with the members of BTS since their 2013 debut. His transformation over the years has us emotional, keep reading to see then-and-now photos of the South Korean rapper.

BTS members RMJin, Suga, J-HopeJiminV and Jung Kook first came onto the K-pop scene in 2013 with their single and music video for “No More Dream.” Since then, the band has broken nearly every record there is to break on not only a K-pop scale, but a worldwide one. Considered the biggest boy band in the world right now, it came as a shock when the boys announced their hiatus in 2022, explaining they would be enlisting into the South Korean army.

In South Korea, it is mandatory for all Korean-born, able-bodied men to complete two years of military service prior to turning 28 years old, due to ongoing threats from North Korea. Kim Seok-jin, also known as Jin, was the first member to enlist on December 13, 2023. A few months later, it was announced in February 2023 that J-Hope will be the second BTS member to embark in the military.

The group’s music label, Big Hit Entertainment, announced that BTS plans to come back together as a group “around 2025,” after all seven members complete their service. “Since the creation of BTS over ten years ago, the band has risen to international success, broken records, and catapulted K-Pop into the global stratosphere,” their statement read.  “BIGHIT MUSIC has focused to the milestone moment when it would be possible to respect the needs of the country and for these healthy young men to serve with their countrymen, and that’s now.”

Since the group’s hiatus announcement, many of the members have delved into their solo careers before they have to serve their two years in the military. While Suga has yet to announce new music (yet), he will be embarking on a world tour — the first BTS member to do so as a solo artist — promoting his past solo albums under his alias AGUST D.

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Suga’s transformation over the years.

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