Food before dudes? Always. Fries before guys? Obviously. But let’s be real – when it comes to pizza, there is honestly nothing better. Seeing as today is February 9 (AKA National Pizza Day), we are celebrating – because it’s just as important as Christmas, honestly. And thanks to fate, it’s falling on a Friday this year. Extra pizza, extra cheese, extra special.

Here at J-14, we clearly have a true appreciation for those who show their fondness of their favorite foods – and the true blessing that is pizza will always have the biggest, well, pizza our hearts. In true fashionista style, eating pizza is not enough. We take our obsession one step further by wearing our love of the cheesy deliciousness on our clothing – because why not? Wearing pepperoni print or a carton-inspired graphic of a cheese slice is the new chic, and we are so here for it – and so are your favorite celebs!

Watch the video below to see your favorite stars rocking some seriously stylish pizza-inspire ensembles.

From Miley Cyrus to Victoria Justice to Selena Gomez, quite a handful of the most famously fashionable gals of Hollywood have shown off pizza-inspired styles in the most stylish way. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get some outfit inspo from these stylish celebs’ delectably decked out pizza styles. And tbh, it has us wondering where the closest place to grab a slice is right about now. Anyone else suddenly hungry?

There is really no better way to celebrate the sacred holiday that is National Pizza Day than with these fun outfits ideas, and now we’re seriously inspired. Now, brb – tracking down a pizza print onesie like Miley’s because it’s truly a gem.

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