We all know and love the Jonas Brothers, the band which includes brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. The trio skyrocketed to fame in the late 2000s, releasing iconic hits like “Year 3000” and “Burnin’ Up,” while also starring on multiple Disney Channel projects like Camp Rock and their own TV show, Jonas.

Keep reading to uncover these celebrities that are self-described Jonas Brothers fans — because, same. 

Since the Jonas Brothers stardom in their teenage years, the three are still going strong as a band well into their 30s! Well, except for that minor band breakup in 2013 (we’ve since forgiven you for that, Nick). However, the band has been active since 2019 after releasing their album Happiness Begins, with their lead single “Sucker” becoming one of the biggest hits of the year.

“Being totally transparent, it was really scary stepping out and taking as big a swing as we took. And to see people show up in the way they did that year was really incredible,” Nick told Variety in 2023 on returning with “Sucker” after so many years.

The meaning behind the album’s title, Happiness Begins, also resonated with the band.

“We missed out on a lot because everything was moving so fast,” Kevin told the outlet. “We wanted to enjoy the moment this time. It really turned it into one big family reunion.”

After taking an unplanned hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group dropped The Album in 2023. Nick spoke about what they wanted to get from this particular album during an interview with Vanity Fair in March 2023.

“Eventually we had this big meeting, we all sat down, and we answered a simple question,” he explained. “What do you want people to take away from this body of work? And it was that if they listen to any one of our albums—if we were to say, ‘Go and listen to this one’—it would be this album. So we said, ‘This is the quintessential Jonas Brothers album.'” Hence, the name of The Album.

Needless to say, fans loved the project since The Album dropped in May 2023 — celebrities included. Haley Lu Richardson, in particular. The White Lotus actress is very vocal about her childhood obsession with the JoBros, even freaking out on live television when she met Nick on FaceTime during The Late Late Show With James Corden in December 2022.

Since then, the actress starred in the Jonas Brothers music video for their single “Wings” in February 2023, and often shouts them out in interviews.

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