From fan to real-life friend! Haley Lu Richardson turned her longtime Jonas Brothers obsession into a friendship with Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas.

“There is one wife,” the White Lotus star joked about herself to E! News in February 2023 after starring in the band’s “Wings” music video. “There is the honorary wife.”

After she found out that she was cast as the dancing queen in the “Wings” visual, Haley couldn’t help but reveal the emotional rollercoaster she went on.

“I don’t know where to start. It’s the biggest thing of my life, it’s the biggest role of my career — past, present and future,” the Five Feet Apart actress told The Hollywood Reporter in February 2023. “It was amazing and I cried for three days straight.”

Haley recalled getting a phone call from the boys asking her to be in the music video.

“I played [the message] and it was like, ‘Hey Haley, this is Joe Jonas and me and my brothers just had this idea about this video, so give me a callback,” she recalled. “Then I listened to it 12 more times, pulled over and listened to it another 20 times, cried, listened to it again and then spent the rest of the time driving to where I was going. I got where I was going and then I waited and called him back, and I just told him I would do anything for him, literally anything. And then I met them and was in this video!”

Her obsession with the boys started during their rise to fame. In fact, Haley even met the Jonas Brothers during their early days, which she recounted on The Late Late Show With James Corden in December 2022. Then, the talk show host even called Nick on FaceTime.

“I’m having a physical panic reaction,” the actress gushed during the appearance, after Nick said that he had watched her on The White Lotus.

“Nick, can I tell you something? I just wanted to tell you that you’re a huge part of my childhood and therefore life forever,” she began. “All of my Converse, as I said earlier that I had in grade school and middle school, had your name on them. And I’m so proud of you. And going to your guys’ concerts now as adults, I feel so proud of the three of you and I’m so happy for your lives and your creative endeavors and your families, and I love you!”

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