When True Jackson, VP premiered on November 8, 2008, fans were immediately obsessed with the throwback series. Jump-starting the careers of Ashley Argota, Robbie Amell, Keke Palmer and Matt Shively, the show followed a young aspiring fashionista named True Jackson who gets hired by designer Max Madigan as the VP of his company’s youth apparel division.

True Jackson, VP aired for 60 episodes across three seasons, and came to an end on August 20, 2011. But rumors have been swirling since April 2020 (thanks to Keke herself) that the show might get a reboot with the original cast members. At the time, she shared a video to social media dancing to the show’s theme song alongside a caption that read, “When they canceled True Jackson, VP prematurely just to reboot it in 2021.” Although she hasn’t revealed any further details, Keke did share what she hoped to see when the characters eventually reunite on TV, noting that “we’ve gotta give it something good.”

“I promise you guys, I’m, literally, not going to let you guys down with that,” Keke said during an April 2020 episode of the  “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “I’ve been working so hard to figure something out for True Jackson, VP because, it’s crazy. I knew how much True Jackson, VP impacted me, but I’ve learned as I’ve grown that it really impacted the generation [of viewers]. It means so much to me that it did in that way. I’m so grateful. If True Jackson, VP does come back, which it’s a pretty good chance we get something up with that character and that story line, I would make sure that it’s mature.”

She continued, “I would really want it to be, like what’s True’s life like? How is she dealing with being in this industry? How is she affected by social media? What’s her life become?”

Aside from Ashley, Keke, Robbie and Matt, the show actually had a ton of guest appearances from a bunch of major stars when it was on the air. Justin Bieber, Ryan Sheckler, John Cena, Leon Thomas III, Victoria Justice, Nathan Kress and more popped up in the Mad Style showroom once or twice over the years. Now, fans know these stars from all of their other accomplishments, but everyone gets their start somewhere!

Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the celebs you forgot guest starred in True Jackson, VP and who they played.

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