It’s safe to say that ever since Outer Banks hit Netflix, fans have been seriously obsessed with the show, especially when it comes to finding out spoilers about Season 2. Well guys, don’t worry because J-14 recently caught up with John B himself, Chase Stokes — who recently teamed up with Sweet Earth to host an outdoor cookout on Instagram on Wednesday, July 15 — and he spilled some major tea on what we can expect from the second season. Make sure to check out the video above!

As fans know, the first season came to an end with John B and Sarah Cameron headed to The Bahamas to possibly continue their treasure hunt. And when it comes to filming on location for Season 2, Chase told us he’s totally down!

“I think the Caribbean landscape is just so beautiful and the culture down there is so vibrant. To be able to spend time down there for an extended period of time, it would be absolutely a dream,” the 27-year-old gushed.

The actor also touched on the fan theories that his character’s dad might actually be alive and hiding out in The Bahamas.

“Wouldn’t that be cool?” Chase said. “Part of me wants to believe, as a son, that my dad could be alive… It’s hard to believe that he’s alive somewhere in The Bahamas, but fingers crossed. I hope The Bahamas opens a whole world of adventures for us, so we’ll see.”

But that’s not all! The Netflix star even answered the question we all want answers to: Will JJ Maybank and Kiara Carrera be together in Season 2?

“I think she needs to have some fun on her own and not be defined by a man. She’s such a strong character and Maddie Bailey as a person is such a strong minded human being. So to let her have her moment to explore her character just as much as the boys, I think is a super important part and something to show to the audience as well,” Chase explained, before offering the audience some advice. “To viewers, you don’t need a partner to define yourself. I think that’s a super cool, sort of, arc to go off of. So I think for her, that’s my goal. Also on the flip side, I hope we go four or five seasons so that we can explore that.”

There you have it, guys, John B has spoken!

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