Cole Sprouse is starring in his first movie in nearly two decades, and it’s going to be a real tearjerker. His last movie, Big Daddy, came out in 1999 – so this is quite a big deal, if we do say so ourselves. The upcoming romantic drama, Five Feet Apart, follows the journey of two young people, struggling with their health, who refuse to be defined by their distance.

“Got the poster today for #FiveFeetApart! trailer drops later this week so keep an eye out. First movie since big daddy, very exciting. Got to work with some Insanely talented people. Thanks to @justinbaldoni and @cbsfilms for putting this together, can’t wait for everyone to see it,” the 26-year-old actor shared in a post on Instagram, in which he shared the new image with fans.

Cole is starring alongside The Edge of Seventeen actress Haley Lu Richardson. The 23-year-old star’s character, Stella Grant, is a typical 17-year-old — someone who’s attached to her laptop and hangs with her besties. However, there’s something that sets her apart from her peers. She spends a lot of time living in a hospital, as she has cystic fibrosis. She then meets Cole’s charming character, Will Newman, and there’s an instant romance. He too is a fellow CF patient — and the rules, boundaries, and self-control they must abide by are put to the test. Seeing as a single touch could affect their health, they both struggle with the temptation.

Cole isn’t the only Disney Channel alum to star in the film. Hannah Montana star Moises Arias, 24, is a member of the cast, as well. And yes, they go way back. Exhibit A: The two looked quite chummy together on Disney Channel’s 2009 New Year’s Eve Star Showdown. Iconic.

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Director Justin Baldoni, 34, is best known for his swoon-worthy role of Rafael Solano in Jane the Virgin. The star took to Instagram to share how much this movie means to him.

“When I was eight, my dad gave me his broken camera that I would pretend to make movies with. Growing up I would film absolutely everything…there was something about documenting life that I felt so drawn to. In high school I made music videos for girls I liked, and turned in short films instead of book reports. As a struggling actor I supported myself by directing music videos on the side to make rent, then later commercials, and in my mid-twenties I decided to leave acting completely to make documentaries that I hoped could help heal our world. So I have to just say out loud, that while it may have seemed like I was on the path to eventually direct a studio feature film – I don’t know if I ever thought it would really happen. Sometimes dreams can feel so far away- but this has always been one of my big ones. (And I’m sure my mom would tell you she always ‘knew’ it would happen),” he wrote. “Thank you to the massive village that have made it possible to get here, and most importantly to the thousands of amazing individuals who are a part of the #CF community and their families – this is for you.”

The movie is set to hit theaters on March 22, 2019 – but in the meantime, we’ll just have to watch the trailer (which comes out on Friday) on repeat!

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