Get ready, you guys, because Coop & Cami Ask the World is back with a brand new episode, and Ruby Rose Turner just shared a bunch of the behind-the-scenes secrets from on set of the Disney Channel show!

Yep, airing on Monday, June 1 at 8:23 P.M. EST/PST, the episode will follow Cami after she tells Delaware that she doesn’t want to take up a new hobby. Unfortunately, when Pam catches wind of the situation, she tries to take advantage and steal Delaware as a best friend.

Not only did Ruby spill all the tea on what went on when they were filming the new episode exclusively to J-14, but she also got real about the things she values most in a friendship and what happened when she went through a similar situation in real life.

J-14: What message do you hope deliver with this episode?

Ruby Rose Turner: Trust your instincts about people, and stand up and speak up for what you believe in. And really just to keep honest friends around you.

J-14: Have you ever been in a similar situation with a friend in real life? 

Ruby: Yes of course, many times. I am always honest with my friends, and I try to communicate with them when I have an issue or a weird feeling about something. Even if it’s awkward it’s better to be honest and discuss it.

J-14: Can you share some fun behind-the-scenes on-set stories from this episode? 

Ruby: Yes. There was one scene where Delaware [played by Gabriella Graves] gets splattered with chili because a toy helicopter accidentally flew in her chili bowl. They actually flew a real toy helicopter with a go pro on it to get the shot! To get the chili to splash in Pam’s face they had to get huge cannons that were filled with fake chili that would help get the shot just right with one press of a button.

Ruby Rose Turner
Disney Channel

J-14: What are three things that you think are most important in having a strong friendship?

RubyFor me, I really connect with friends that like to have fun and are typically really high energy like me. But I also need friends in my life that are honest, supportive and can share the ups and the downs.

J-14: Do you have any advice for people who are currently fighting with a friend? 

Ruby: I would say taking a day off is always a good idea. It’s totally fine to take some time apart and create some space. And then once you’re ready and had some time to think, either talk about it or just move forward and put it behind you!

After Monday night’s episode, the show will continue to air brand new episodes all week long on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. Then, the series will move to Friday evenings the following week at 8 P.M. EST/PST. Make sure to tune in on Monday night for the brand new episode!

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