Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf has clapped back after FaZe Adapt — whose real name is Alex Hamilton Pinkevich — accused her of dating “every dude in LA” on Twitter.

“When [you] date every dude in LA that’ll probably happen,” the 23-year-old gamer posted in reply to the blonde beauty writing, “My ex still follows my dog but has unfollowed me on everything… Feels bad.”

Before tweeting him directly, Corinna seemingly responded by writing, “Ooo yeah s**t shame me harder daddy.”

Then, she hit back directly.

“I’ve dated [three] guys and in the SIX years I’ve lived in LA, I’ve had a TOTAL of 9 d**ks inside of me… Not that it should even matter but probably far, far less than you… But go off!” she responded.

Even fellow YouTube star Tana Mongeau called out FaZe Adapt for his original reply.

“Why tweet that Alex? C’mon!” she said, to which he replied, “Just [trying to] make Twitter fun again.”

He also continued to defend his tweet with other social media post.

“I grew up in a household with four women,” he wrote. “I respect women and I love my sisters. But I don’t condone snake a** h**s… That’s all.”

The drama didn’t end there! Corinna called him out once again alongside an alleged screenshot of their DM conversation, in which FaZe Adapt apologized to her.

“Why didn’t you call me a snake a** h** when I DM’d you? You don’t even know me? And you’re calling me a snake a** h**? lol,” she wrote alongside the image.

Corinna Kopf Opens Up About Her Love Life After FaZA Adapt Accuses Her Of 'Dating Every Guy In LA'

“I’m not even talking [you] at this point Corinna, I’m talking to LITERALLY everyone but [you] lmao chill out.” FaZe Adapt hit back. “Actually I take this and my apologies back, f**k you.”

Corrina did not further respond publicly.

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