Daisy Jones & The Six has become one of Amazon Prime’s biggest shows, and it all began from a book written by author Taylor Jenkins Reid! The story follows a made-up 1970s rock ‘n’ band inspired by Fleetwood Mac and has since become a sensation with viewers. So, Taylor, *insert Sam Claflin‘s voice here* please, we’re down on our knees, we need a season twoooo.

Keep reading for everything the author and the showrunners have said on season 2 of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Is There Going to Be a Season 2 of ‘Daisy Jones’?

While nothing has been confirmed by Amazon Prime for season 2, the author and coshowrunners have started to talk about some of the ideas they have if given a second season. As the first season of the show follows all of the events of the book published in 2019, it’s ultimately up to Taylor on how to go about another storyline for season 2.

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Author Quotes on Season 2

“I think we’re in a really fortunate position where we have a story that is final, and has an ending that feels really good,” Taylor Jenkins Reid told Variety following the season finale of the show on March 24, 2023. “I would only open that back up if it felt like there was a story here that we have to tell.”

She teased, “Have I been thinking about what that is? I certainly have.”

Coshowrunners Scott Neustadter and Will Graham also spoke with Variety on the possibility of a season 2, which they ultimately agreed depends on the author.

“I think that would be amazing,” Scott said. “If people are interested in this story and these people, maybe we’ll get an opportunity to do that. Leave the door open. Why not? If people enjoy what you’re doing and want more of it, that’s not a bad problem.”

“We had the most amazing time making the show,” Graham began. “For me, that question goes back to Taylor [Jenkins Reid] and if she has another chapter for these characters in her head. If we got an opportunity to do it, I think, no question, everyone involved in the show would show up with bells on.

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Cast Quotes on Season 2

“It would be so nice to do a season two,” Suki Waterhouse, who played Karen in the series, told E! News during Coachella in April 2023. “I would love that. We just have to figure out the story.”

“We have a lot of silly ideas,” the British actress teased of possible storylines. “I guess it could be a reunion tour.”

Stevie Nicks On ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’: Quotes

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, a.k.a. the magical and musical songstress that Daisy Jones is based off of, gave her stamp of approval on the show, while also asking for more in a possible season 2, in an Instagram posted on August 15, 2023.

“Just finished watching Daisy Jones + the 6 for the 2nd time,” she wrote via Instagram. “In the beginning, it wasn’t really my story, but Riley seamlessly, soon became my story. It brought back memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story. It was very emotional for me. I just wish Christine [McVie] could have seen it. She would have loved it. Hopefully it will continue…”

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