Damian Hardung is like his Maxton Hall character in more ways than one! For one, he’s super dreamy and two, they both applied to Oxford University! We know that James Beaufort eventually gets a spot at the pristine English school, but did the actor that played him get in as well?

Keep reading to find out if Damian was accepted into Oxford.

Unlike his character, Damian was not admitted into the private university. While he applied to Oxford, the actor revealed that he was ultimately rejected.

“I had applied for a place at Oxford University and was rejected. That meant they didn’t want me and thanks to the series, I made it after all,” he told Stream Wars.

However, while the 25-year-old may not have had a chance to actually study at the school, he did reveal that he got to film in Oxfordshire, calling it his “personal highlight.”

That’s not the only cool place he got to travel to while filming the popular Prime Video series. The cast filmed all across Germany and England, including Berlin, Lower Saxony and London.

One of the most memorable locations that viewers have noted are the private school halls, which were actually filmed in the Marienburg Castle in Germany!

Damian is familiar with some of the locations, especially since he was born in Germany. On September 7, 1998, the Maxton Hall star was born in Cologne, Germany.

He first began his acting career in 2010 when he appeared in the short video Der magische Umhang. At just 13-years-old, he played his first leading role as Thomas in the 2013 film Clara and the Secret of the Bears.

After the film’s success, Damian landed even more roles. In 2018, he played Rick in The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and Daniel Riffert in the 2022 movie Buba. You may also recognize the up and coming actor as Jonas in The Red Ribbon Society.

Now, Damian is starring in the Prime Video series Maxton Hall, which has become the streaming service’s most-watched international show of all time in its first week!

Thanks to all the supporters behind the series, it was announced that it would be renewed for a second season! Details have been sparse, however, we do know that we’ll get to continue James and Ruby’s love story.

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