From revealing their childhood home videos to making Ethan get his tongue pierced, the Dolan Twins have zero limits when it comes to their insane YouTube videos and the challenges the put themselves up to. This time around, Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan decided to give themselves spray tans. However, these were most definitely not regular, old spray tans. They were totally tragic ones.

You see, like many of their other YouTube challenges, Ethan and Grayson put each other up to some trivia questions. To go along with the spray tan theme, the questions revolved around the sun. Each time one of the web star cuties would answer a question incorrectly, they’d get a spray – whether it was on their leg, their rock-hard abs or square in the face. Regardless of the location though, you could pretty much guarantee the spritz of the tanning spray was uneven and super harsh. And that is precisely why the twin hotties ended up looking the way they did – absolutely ridiculous.

Ethan explained, “So we got a spray tanning tent and a spray tan thing, and one person is going to be standing in the tent being asked questions. If they get a question wrong, the other person’s going to be able to spray tan them.”

Watch the video below to see Grayson and Ethan savagely giving each other downright terrible spray tans.

What is especially crazy about this particular challenge is that the boys had to be at their new live television gig TRL two days later. According to Grayson though, he’s back to normal already. Phew! All we’re saying is they should probs do more videos shirtless because, come on.

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