We know, we know. Everything about Dove Cameron's new music has been pretty vague. She teased us all by releasing the artwork for her debut single "Talks About" back in 2017, and then she kind of left us hanging there for a while. But we can all finally calm the heck down because Dove just spilled the tea about her long awaited solo singing career. Oh, and if you hear that squealing from a distance – it's just us freaking out.

J-14's Emily Brozyna caught up with the Disney Channel darling at a fun event celebrating her partnership with Tic Tac gum, and Dove casually dropped the bomb on us that she is officially signed to Columbia Records. Can you say SHOOKETH? Watch the video above to see J-14's exclusive interview with Dove Cameron about her new record deal.

"The music that you guys want to hear is going to take a little bit [of time], but what I can say is I officially signed with Columbia. I signed with a label, finally!" She added, "I know my fans have been waiting for me to announce my label for a while now. But yeah, I trust them so much – and I wouldn't have want to be signed to anybody else."

Previous to the announcement, Dove had been taking to Twitter to let fans know that as much as she wanted to release her debut solo single – she couldn't just yet.

Now, Dove did confirm that she can't move forward with making solo music until Descendants 3 wraps – which like, we get it. She’s only one human, you guys. After Descendants 2, Dove went on to several other projects including Hairspray Live, Dumplin, A.G.E.N.T.S. of Shield and more. And while we're convinced she's some sort of supernatural queen goddess who is always working non-stop, girl can’t be putting too many eggs in her basket. Things like this take time. As for what kind of music to expect from the star, expect some catchy tunes with an edge.

"I always say is like if you took the word 'pop' and put a lighter under it – because it is pop, but it's not typical. Like I would never do a song just because I knew it was going to be a hit," Dove explained. "It's definitely a little bit dark but – it's still pop."

This is Dove's very first record deal and her first solo music endeavor – as her old band The Girl and The Dreamcatcher that she started with her ex-fiancé Ryan McCartan wasn't signed to a record label.

We can't wait for the ball to get rolling – until then, we'll be patiently waiting for Dove's tunes to bless our eardrums in good time.

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