Dylan and Cole Sprouse together, for many of us, were a big part of our childhoods thanks to their roles as the Martin twins on the Disney Channel shows, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life On Deck. But before they became the kings of Disney, they were busy starring in movies. They shared their role in the Adam Sandler comedy Big Daddy, but there was another film they made as kids where we saw them co-starring side-by-side, and that’s Just 4 Kicks.

Yes, we’re talking about the 2003 soccer flick that the now 26-year-old actors like to pretend never happened but it totally did, so let’s relive it, shall we?

What is Just 4 Kicks about?

Well, Dylan and Cole obviously play twins who happened to be named Dylan and Cole. Their dad, played by actor Tom Arnold, is their soccer coach, but when he has to go away on a business trip, their mom fills in as the coach and soccer isn’t her strong suit. So Dylan and Cole vow to find another replacement coach and that’s when they find a mechanic named Rudy, who fun fact, ends up being an actual soccer player. Oh, and Dylan wears adorable glasses throughout the movie so you know, it’s easy to tell the twins apart.

So, the movie is one of those feel-good, more fluffy family-friendly films and there’s nothing wrong with that! But back in 2016 when a fan stumbled upon the DVD she had in her garage, Dylan and Cole made it known that no, they’re not really fans of this piece of work from their childhood. “Right where it belongs,” Dylan wrote in reference to the fact that this fan had the movie hidden away in her garage with Cole chiming in, “did you misspell garbage.” YIKES.

Cole, as we all know, is currently starring on Riverdale as Jughead and has an upcoming movie called Five Feet Apart hitting theaters in 2019. Dylan has been busy too, starring in movies like Dismissed, Banana Split, and was even in Camila Cabello’s music video for her song “Consequences.” So yeah, they’ve come a long way since their straight-to-DVD soccer movie, but it still happened. Never forget, guys.

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