Prepare for Efraim Leo to be your new music obsession! The singer has a pretty inspiring story too. He began songwriting at a super young age and struggled with depression and anxiety in high school. Music was his outlet, and so he poured his heart and soul into music full-time. Now, Efraim is releasing his brand new music video for his electro pop track, “You Got Me Wrong,” featuring Juliette Claire. And lucky for J-14 readers, you get to see it first! Watch the video above to see J-14‘s exclusive music video premiere for “You Got Me Wrong.”

The inspiration behind the lyrics are super relatable too. The singer spilled to J-14 about how the video captures the meaning behind the song.

“This video is a good representation of the feeling you have after a relationship that ended on bad terms. Just walking around the city at night with no hopes, reminiscing over past times, and regretting the things you could have done differently,” he exclusively told us.

 Efraim went on to open up about what the filming process was like.

“This was my first ever music video shoot and such a great experience for me! Super fun but also super exhausting. We started around 5pm in the afternoon and continued to 7 a.m.” he explained. “There was this one take we recorded of me just walking around alone on an empty street in the middle of the night in Central London. Literally the only people on the entire street were me and the camera team, that was a super surreal and memorable moment!”

We’re obsessed!

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