Imagine going from YouTube star to fashion icon — Emma Chamberlain is living that dream! The internet personality started making videos with her long brunette locks, but as she continued to rise to the top, the “Anything Goes” podcast host started to express herself with new hairstyles.

“I’ve matured more than I could have ever imagined. Having a platform comes with a huge responsibility, and through that I learned a lot of life lessons early,” Emma told Mane Addicts in May 2021 about her rise to fame. “I’m extremely grateful for this though, the life experience and wisdom gained from having such a responsibility is such a blessing.”

Other than the major life changes that fame has brought her, it’s also offered her new opportunities to showcase her personal style.

“Ever since going to my first fashion show a few years ago, my love for fashion really blossomed. I’ve always had interest in fashion, but I didn’t truly get into it until I attended that show,” Emma shared in the same interview. “L.A. is such a great place to get inspiration because there are so many types of people and so many events to attend. Over time, you start to figure out what your own style is based on what you do and don’t like on other people. Although my personal style is more fully formed now as a 19-year-old, it’s still all over the place. I enjoy wearing a comfy outfit just as much as I like dressing up. My style is simply whatever I feel confident in at any given moment. I don’t like setting specific fashion ‘rules’ for myself.”

And the same goes for her hair. The first time Emma took the plunge and went for a bleached blonde look was in June 2020. While she went back to brown shortly thereafter, the Chamberlain Coffee founder eventually brought the platinum locks back when attending the Met Gala in 2022.

“I was in the salon yesterday for 7 hours and it was very worth it,” Emma gushed to E! News at the time about her hairstyle. “I love being blonde. I thought it would really compliment this look.”

Scroll through our gallery to see how Emma’s hair has changed over the years. 

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