Getting ready to hit the road! K-pop mega band ENHYPEN is gearing up for their first ever United States tour and members JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI can’t wait to share live music with fans. The MANIFESTO World Tour is hitting six major cities in the United States this upcoming October, and there are a lot of “exciting” moments concertgoers can expect from the group.

“We were recently in Germany and were so moved by the cheers of the 40,000 fans in the crowd,” NI-KI tells J-14 during an exclusive interview with the group. “It’s exciting to think that we’ll be able to experience something like that again in the U.S. We hope that many ENGENEs in the U.S. enjoy watching our performance.”

For those newer listeners getting ready to see ENHYPEN for the first time, SUNGHOON recommends to start their fandom journey from the I-LAND reality show from which the group was formed. “If not, I suggest you start from our debut album BORDER: DAY ONE since we’ve released multiple albums since then,” he adds, noting that ENGENEs can always watch the “original content” and “vlogs” on their YouTube channel.

Lee Jin-man/AP/Shutterstock

Following their worldwide success, the group admits they sometimes feel a lot of “pressure.” JUNGWON adds, “We’ve achieved great results as rookies who haven’t even reached their two-year mark. Rather than letting the pressure affect us, however, we try to think about it in a positive light.”

He also refers to the pressure as a “driving force” for the group “that helps us work harder to perform in a way that reflects our achievements.”

Ahead of their MANIFESTO World Tour, ENHYPEN released their MANIFESTO: DAY 1 mini album earlier this year.

“Our previous BORDER and DIMENSION series reflected our internal struggles and the emotions we experienced following our debut,” JAY explains, noting the differences between their old and new eras. “In this album, we put our worries aside and also removed the hyphen from our lead single for the very first time. Along those lines, we wanted to release MANIFESTO: DAY 1 as the first step to declare the message we want to covey to our audience, fans and peers.

MANIFESTO: DAY 1 is out now. The United States leg of the MANIFESTO tour kicks off in October.

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