The Dolan Twins may have just joined the new TRL, but that does not mean their videos have slowed down a bit. Sure, they are only posting on Tuesdays now – rather than multiple days a week – but we can live with that. Besides, their content is at its peak craziness nowadays. In fact, Ethan Dolan just had to face the most terrifying challenge consequence yet. After losing again Grayson in their latest video, Ethan had to get his tongue pierced. And no, we’re not kidding. Watch the video below to see Ethan getting his tongue pierced.

These boys seriously have no limits when it comes to what they will make each other do. Now something tells us he won’t keep the tongue ring for long (you know, because he didn’t seem to want it in the first place), but who really knows? Grayson did tell a fan on Twitter that he thinks Ethan will get his nipple pierced next. We’re not sure how much truth there is to that, but it’s possible. They’re always surprising us with something new.

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