Get ready, Disney Channel fans, because Kylie Cantrall is dropping a brand music video for her hit song “No Reason” on Friday, March 6, and J-14‘s got an exclusive first look at it! Make sure to watch the video above!

That’s not all. The Gabby Duran and the Unsittables star also chatted to J-14 about the new tune, and she spilled all the tea on the inspiration behind it, what it was like filming the video and more!

J-14: Tell us about “No Reason!” What’s it about?

Kylie Cantrall: So the idea really came about when my friends and I were walking to Starbucks, to pick up our usual Strawberry Acai drinks. We were so hype singing at the top of our lungs, doing TikTok dances and laughing till our eyes were watering. I said, “Wow, we really just got lit for no reason,” and in that moment I actually thought that would make a cool song title. About one week later I was in the studio writing those lyrics into the chorus.

J-14: What was it like filming the music video?

Kylie: I was looking back at videos from the ’90’s like I usually do, and was caught up in a serious Janet Jackson phase. I love how she always had big choreographed numbers with a huge dance crew. I thought how cool it would be to combine that together with a Britney Spears, mischievous school girl vibe. I mean who doesn’t love the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video!

J-14: Any fun behind-the-scenes stories from on set that you can share?

Kylie: The coolest BTS story I can share is that I put some Gabby Duran Easter Eggs in this video. That means I secretly hid some Gabby items in the scenes. Now there are three different Gabby objects throughout but I’m only going to give you one hint. The first Gabby item is taped on the door behind me when I sing the first verse. The other two items are a little tougher so you’ll have to look hard and find those on your own. Good luck and put the answers in the video comments.

J-14: I know there’s a lot of dancing in the video, was it hard to memorize all the movies and get them down just right?

Kylie: Well I started dancing at 3 years old, so I guess you can say I’ve grown up doing this, and it seems to get easier and easier with every year. But I love what my choreographers, NappyTabs, came up with. They always seem to push the boundaries with each video. I did some crazy stunts and even got to basically destroy a library. What kid doesn’t want to secretly turn their school into Coachella?

J-14: Any plans to release any more music soon? What about an album?

Kylie: Yes, I’m always recording new music and I can’t wait to share more songs with you. I’ve been trying to really experiment with different sounds… One thing I can definitely tell you is NOT going to be on my album is “Country Disco!” I was willing to try it but let’s just say, “Win some, lose some!”

Fans will be able to watch the full video on DisneyMusicVevo on Friday, March 6.

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