It’s been a few days since Sofia Carson‘s movie Feel The Beat hit Netflix, and we’re still not over it! To celebrate the release of the brand new, feel-good flick — which made it into the streaming service’s Top 10 list — J-14 caught up with one of the stars, Shiloh Nelson, who dished on her character, spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets and even opened up about working with the Descendants star herself!

J-14: Can you tell us about Feel The Beat in your own words?

Shiloh Nelson: Feel The Beat stars Sophia Carson from the Descendants films and she is this Broadway dancer that has to teach a group of misfit dancers for a competition.

J-14: Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

Shiloh: Ruby is not the best at dancing, but she always tries, which is kind of like me. I feel like I’m a little bit more confident than her, but she rolls which the punches more, which I can really respect.

J-14: Did you have any dance experience before the movie?

Shiloh: No, I was not [a dancer]. Everybody else was a dancer, so I was really intimidated by it. But by the end, I was actually too good of a dancer for my character. So the producer had Mia Michaels choreograph some things to make me look bad.

J-14: How did you train and prepare for the role?

Shiloh: We had Netflix. Netflix really taught us. We had a lot of dance training, it was insane.  Every day we would dance and practice.

J-14: What was the audition process like for the film?

Shiloh: The audition process was brutal. I had my standard audition and then call back, but then we had two dance callbacks. They were two days, back to back, with nothing but dancing. I said earlier, I was the only non-dancer, so I was trying to keep up as much as I could. And my anxiety got worse and worse by the day, and I kept on getting worse and worse by the day. The director, Elissa Downsaid that’s when she realized I was Ruby.

J-14: When you found out you got the role, what was your reaction like?

Shiloh: I was absolutely blown away. I was so happy that I even cried, and I was just blown away and so excited for what would come.

J-14: Were you close to your costars?

Shiloh: Absolutely. We were always hanging out on and off set. We would just be always hanging out with each other. It was definitely a girl squad. In between takes we would do a lot of dancing.

J-14: You starred alongside Sofia Carson in the film, what was it like working with her?

Shiloh: Working with Sofia Carson was absolutely amazing. When I first found out it was her, I was so happy because I had watched her in all her Descendants films and her Another Cinderella Story. My dad and I were absolute fans of her. When I first met her, she was so kind. I was just so excited that I got to film a movie with her.

J-14: What was the best piece of advice Sofia gave you on set?

Shiloh: She taught me that you always need your mom, and you should always bring your mom on set. Even when you’re 18, you don’t have to bring her on [set], you should still bring your mom.

J-14: Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes memories that you can share?

Shiloh: One day where me and all the adults were in this room and we were so bored in between takes that we had this Dad Joke competition where all of us would give our best Dad Jokes to see which one was the best. And me being the only kid in the room actually won! The winning dad joke was: What do you call a pile of kittens? A meow-tian! Then there was this one scene where me and Sofia Carson were on opposite sides of the camera, and we started singing the song “Space Between,” that her and Dove [Cameron] sang in Descendants 2. We just started singing and I was so happy because I loved that song even before I’d even met her!

J-14: Which dance in the movie was your favorite to film?

Shiloh: Probably the bad dance. It was so fun because we had to wear this like awful makeup. We learned this dance, and obviously it was horrible dance. Then, then we would purposely add in our own little quirks. Like, I would fall when I tried to do a pose, or I’d be late or just do an extra turn. And we would all come up with our own ideas of how to make dance even worse. And it just came out so wonderfully bad.

J-14: What do you hope that viewers take away from the film?

Shiloh: I hope that they dance. I hop that they get off the couch and start dancing. It’s such a dance film.

J-14: Now that you have some dance training, can we expect to see more dancing in your future?

Shiloh: Yes, definitely. Yeah. I had so much fun and I love dancing.

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