Ever since it first premiered on Disney Channel, the Descendants franchise has practically taken over the world. Now, almost a year after the iconic trilogy came to an end, the film series has been turned into a live musical and schools — like Leavenworth High in Leavenworth, Kansas — have taken to the stage to bring Mal, Evie and the rest of the gang to life.

Well, the students of the Leavenworth High Theatre Class were in for a pretty major surprise when they recently reunited over Zoom and Descendants stars Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson entered the chat. Yep, the actresses made a surprise appearance as the students were sharing their favorite memories from performing the show back in February.

“We’ve actually gotten to see parts of what you guys created for the Descendants musical and it was really phenomenal. It really blew us away,” Sofia told the students.

The two stars also shared some encouraging words of wisdom with the class, and get this — they even urged them to sing a Descendants song.

“I would absolutely die to hear you guys sing,” Dove told them. Sofia added, “Please, we’d love to hear you guys sing!”

Naturally, the students broke out into a stunning rendition of “Space Between,” a duet that Sofia and Dove’s characters sang in Descendants 2, and it was seriously magical.

For those who missed it, this special Zoom call came just days after Sofia spilled some pretty major tea about bringing the fan-favorite film to Broadway, exclusively to J-14.

“It would be such a privilege to continue that story,” the actress gushed, when we asked her if she’d be down to reprise her role as Evie in a Broadway rendition of the movie. “Absolutely. She brings so much joy to my life, so I would love to.”

Guys, we’re seriously holding out hope for a Descendants musical some time in the near future!

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