It seems like Finn Wolfhard might be a major One Direction fan! The Stranger Things actor seemed totally baffled recently, when his young The Turning costar Brooklynn Prince had never heard of the British boyband.

During a recent interview, the young actors were chatting about their upcoming horror flick when the Heat UK interviewer asked Finn about some fans theories, which include him playing Harry Styles in a possible future film about the fan-favorite band.

“People would like you to play a young Harry Styles,” the journalist said. “What’s your reaction to that?”

“Isn’t it too early?” Finn said with a laugh. “Isn’t it early enough? That’s cool, yeah, One Direction biopic. Yeah, I kinda look like him.”

Brooklynn started to interject sounding confused and Finn asked, “You don’t like One Direction?”

“I don’t…I haven’t…,” she responded before he realized that she didn’t know who they are. Finn said, “Oh, you don’t know who they are.”

She replied, “No.”

Finn quickly realized that the 9-year-old was too young to have grown up with the five-piece boyband.

“Jesus. Oh my God, you don’t know who One Direction is?” he said surprised. “Wow. Anyways…uhhh…”

Then the actor admitted to being a big Harry fan.

“I love…yeah, he’s awesome,” Finn revealed. “I think he’s so talented. I also think he’s a great actor too. So, yeah, I doubt they’re making a Harry Styles biopic this early. We’ll wait maybe a few more years. I don’t know, that’s funny though.”

Although there may not be a One Direction film in the works just yet, according to Liam Payne, there might be a documentary coming soon.

The singer recently headed to Dubai to perform some of the hits from his new album, LP1. When City Times asked him if he remembered the last time he visited the country with his bandmates, he explained, “It’s hard for me to remember specific gigs because it was a blur of planes and sound checks and screams. I think we filmed that show and it will be part of a documentary around an anniversary.”

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