Well, you guys. Valentine’s Day has arrived, and we don’t know about you, but we’re celebrating by listening to Gabi DeMartino‘s new single “Cold Room” on repeat.

The 23-year-old YouTuber released the love song on February 14, and for a good reason. The song is about having a major crush on someone, but not doing anything about it because you’re afraid to ruin the friendship. Who can relate? Yeah, we all can.

“Cold Room is a song I wrote 3 years ago while I was forming unfamiliar feelings for a friend,” Gabi said. “I knew it was more than a friend but never wanted to confront the situation because I was afraid the feelings weren’t mutual. I  never wanted to cross the line and ruin the friendship.”

She even told J-14 exclusively, “I was gushing over one of my best friend’s but I never wanted to make things weird with them so I just let it go. My imagination had a lot of fun though!” LOL.

On a serious note, there is the message the YouTube sensation wants her fans to get from the track. For starters, she wants them to know that if they have feelings for someone, they should be up front and honest about what they’re feeling from the beginning, instead of suffering in silence.

Gabi tells us, “If someone is sending shivers down your spine, tell them!” We couldn’t agree more!

If you thought she was stopping after “Cold Room,” though, think again. The internet star has a bunch of other music currently in the works, and let’s just say we’re going to learn a lot more about her as each song comes out.

When we asked what we can expect from her upcoming music, she said it’s going to get “more and more and more and deeper. More personal. Almost like a huge diary is about to be exposed soon. That’s all I’m saying!”

Well, you heard her! More music is coming, and she’s going to be getting very real with her fans. In the meantime, we’ll be jamming to “Cold Room,” because honestly, the song’s a bop. Check it out!


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