When it comes to long-term relationships, Gaten Matarazzo is doing it right! The Stranger Things star — known for his role as Dustin Henderson — and girlfriend Lizzy Yu are still going strong, and they’re so cute together.

In March 2021, the duo celebrated their three-year anniversary. Gaten posted a series of Instagram photos showing off his love alongside a caption that read, “3 years? That’s pretty cool, I guess. Happy anniversary sunshine.”

The couple met and got together before the Netflix star appeared on the fan-favorite series, and even fame can’t tear them apart. That being said, Lizzy also has an amazing relationship with Gaten’s family.

“My family loves her, she’s great. My brother and my sister get along with her great,” he told Us Weekly in September 2018, noting that they are fans of date nights at home. “We play pool. I have a pool table at my house.”

Gaten started sharing photos of Lizzy via social media in 2018, after they first got together that March. From attending school dances together to hanging out on the beach, they haven’t stopped showing off their love with fans.

“I can’t believe that I’ve been with this gorgeous girl for an entire year. It feels like our first date was yesterday but it also feels like it’s been ten years,” Gaten shared on Instagram in March 2019. “I love you so much, and I don’t think that there is any other way I would’ve wanted to spend this last year. I can’t wait to spend more with you. Happy anniversary my love.”

While Lizzy is less active on social media, that doesn’t mean she won’t post with her boyfriend.

“I will never think of High School without thinking of you,” she shared in May 2021 when the two attended prom together. Gaten, for his part, uploaded the same exact photo alongside the caption, “Got to go to prom with this goober. Thanks for letting me tag along broski. Love you.”

He also joked, “Edit: the camera quality in this picture is indeed immaculate,” poking fun at the blurry photo of them with their arms around each other.

Honesty, the only thing that’s truly immaculate is their adorable relationship. Thankfully, there’s tons of kissing photos and romantic moments to prove that these two are definitely endgame in the Young Hollywood world. Looking to see more of Gaten and Lizzy’s love? Click through our gallery for pictures of the Stranger Things star and his girlfriend’s cutest moments together. 

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