Gavin Casalegno says that Jeremiah is ready to put his “big boy pants on” in the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty! The heartthrob sat down with J-14 while appearing at the launch of “The Summer of Bomb Pop” collection on June 29, 2023. During our talk, TSITP star exclusively told us what to expect in season 2, some of his favorite summer memories and his new collection with Bomb Pop.

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Gavin Casalegno On ‘The Summer of Bomb Pop’ Collection

“The Summer of Bomb Pop” features a virtual pop-up shop with a limited-edition capsule collection of Bomb Pop merch inspired by Gavin’s summer essentials.

Drawing from the ice pop’s signature red, white and blue colors, the collection features a curated selection of Gavin’s favorite summer must haves – all unlocked by an ice cold Bomb Pop. From June 29 to the Fourth of July, a new item will drop each day.

“Bomb Pop has always been an ice pop that I have just grown up eating at my grandma’s house,” Gavin told J-14, adding that the brand is “close to [his] heart” and brings him “a lot of memories.”

He added, “Even when I gave my sister one yesterday, she was like, ‘This literally reminds me of days at grandma’s house.'”

As for Gavin’s favorites of the collection?

“I love the volleyball, the disposable camera for capturing memories and there’s also so many little games [at the event]. I would say that that’s probably the best,” he summarized.

gavin casalegno
Bomb Pop

Gavin Casalegno on Jeremiah’s Season 2 Journey, Fave Summer Memories

Now on to season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty, which premieres on Prime Video on July 14, 2023. Gavin, of course, plays Jeremiah in the summer romance series, one of two love interests for Lola Tung‘s Belly, and the younger brother to Christopher Briney‘s Conrad.

“I think Jeremiah matures so much [this season] and he kind of puts his big boy pants on and has to deal with some tough stuff,” he told J-14 about season 2.

“I think, how he deals with it is a learning process, but, you know, I think he ends up doing pretty well for himself,” he teased.

Gavin also recalled some of his favorite summer memories, most of which involved being on the set of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

“We had a lot of late night beach days — like copious amounts,” he gushed. “It was lovely and so mischievous and fun.”

Reporting by Shelby Stivale.

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