Some fans are not happy with K-pop star Ailee. On Sunday, January 26, the 30-year-old Korean-American popstar attended the 2020 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. While she was there, Ailee snapped a few pictures with some of her favorite celebrities and posted them on her social media.

Some of the Ailee’s 1.4 million Instagram followers were quick to comment and slam the artist for posting a selfie alongside Chris Brown. Fans criticized the “I Will Show You” singer’s for seemingly supporting the rapper’s past history with domestic violence.

After she saw the comments, Aliee edited her caption and said that she had no “knowledge of what he did” in the past.

“When I said ‘he WAS one of the artists I enjoyed listening to growing up and thats a fact that will never change,’ I meant the fact that I enjoyed his music when I was younger will never change,” she explained, referring to her since-deleted, original caption.

She continued, “I TOOK THIS PHOTO WITHOUT ANY [KNOWLEDGE] OF WHAT HE DID!!! The only thing on my mind was literally ‘oh wow!! CB! I used to love his songs!’ I DO NOT and WILL NOT support women, men, pet, animal or any other kinds of abusers and the ONLY reason I’m keeping this post up is to CLARIFY the reason I took this pic in the first place. I DO NOT THINK LIGHTLY OF ANY ABUSES. Now stop giving me so much s**t for something I didn’t even know happened and leave me alone.”

Some followers didn’t believe her explanation.

“Girl how the h**l did you NOT know what he did?! It was all over the news GLOBALLY. NEXT,” one person wrote. Aliee responded, “I don’t read the news everyday all day.”

Another person commented, “You’re a musician how are you unaware of what he did?”

While some people dragged her for the photo and claimed she posted it for “clout,” others stuck up for the singer.

“She is GROWN. I repeat, GROWN. Therefore, she can do as she pleases,” a fan said. One other wrote, “Do you girl! You don’t need to explain yourself. People are always buggin’. Looks like you had a great time!”

While Chris didn’t acknowledge the backlash from the photo, he commented, “CORNBALL,” on the post.

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