Days after Ethan Dolan shared a deeply personal video about his acne and self-esteem struggles, his twin brother Grayson showed support with a super emotional message.

“It’s hard to put into words how proud I am of you. We’ve gone through a lot together in these 20 years and because of that, we’ve continued to grow closer and closer. No matter what it was, it was always comforting knowing that I wasn’t alone and that I had you by my side to relate to and learn with. For the first time ever life put something on you that I didn’t personally have to face as well,” the YouTuber wrote. “I wasn’t physically or mentally able to relate to the way you were feeling about yourself, or how dark things really got while going through what you were going through. I couldn’t and still can’t personally imagine the feeling that the pressure of the public judging you for something of your control brought you.”

The rest of the Dolan Twins team members also shared messages with the influencer on Instagram.

Grayson added, “I’m not sure that’s something I would’ve been able to handle man. You are an inspiration to me. In the lowest of lows, you dug deep to selflessly maintain a positive mentality and energy so that you wouldn’t let others down. After climbing out of that dark and uneasy place, you decided that you wanted to use that experience to help others. You have my support forever, you know that.”

As fans know, Ethan recently opened up about his ‘severe’ acne struggles and shared his self confidence journey. He also explained how internet hate affected how he felt about himself and decided to go on a three-month long YouTube break in order to deal with everything out of the public eye.

“I was hiding from the part of my brain that was like ‘what are you going to do now?’” the 20-year-old said in a 35-minute video titled “My Struggle With Acne and Self Confidence.” “I definitely hit rock bottom. Self-image, self-confidence wise, rock bottom.”

Now, he’s doing better than ever and even thanked fans for sharing their own stories with him.

“I can’t say that I’m FULLY confident 100% of the time with the way my skin looks, but I can definitely say that my self image and mental state has improved immensely and reached a level I never thought it could be at again,” Ethan said.

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