Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke together last week, and it was pretty epic. The ladies rocked out to their favorite songs, invented a secret handshake, and even took a lie detector test together! But things got even more hilarious when they got a surprise visit from Miley Cyrus. Wow, that’s three of our favorite celebrities in a car together… and it was just as iconic as you’d expect it to be.

Miley Cyrus Hailey Baldwin Kendall Jenner

But things got a little intense when Hailey actually revealed that the “Wrecking Ball” singer used to bully her. Say, whaaaat? Miley definitely doesn’t seem like the type to pick on someone, especially since Debby Ryan recently opened up about how the Hannah Montana star totally stuck up for her on set. But it turns out, it was more of an older-sister kind of thing, and it was all in good fun!

Miley revealed that she was actually super close with Hailey’s big sis, Alaia Baldwin, when they were growing up. And it’s only natural for younger sisters to want to hang with their cool, older siblings and their friends, right? Well that was the case for Hailey and Miley, but the singer explained that she’d never let Hailey join in on their fun.

“I would be evil to her,” the 26-year-old said. “She would try to play with us, like me and Alaia, and then we would lock her out of the room and be evil. I had to. It made you who you are, you know? It made you stronger. Now you can always take like… the trolls and s–t. ‘Cause I was such a troll.”

Hailey agreed that it definitely helped prepare her for fame. “Miley was the biggest troll to me,” she laughed. “She prepared me for this industry!”

As for the lie detector test, Hailey was asked a series of questions, including some on her husband Justin Bieber — which she totally failed! Her BFF, Kendall, asked the 22-year-old if her beau finds her “cool,” to which she confidently replied, “Of course!” But it ended up coming back as a lie! Oops, talk about awkward.

Hailey did admit that she’s snooped in the “Love Yourself” singer’s phone before, which turned out to be true. You can watch the full Carpool Karaoke segment on Apple TV.

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