Wait, so is there drama between Hailey Baldwin and Camila Cabello all over Shawn Mendes? Well, that's what everyone seems to be making things out to be but alas, we're here to break it all down because the girls' aren't feuding with each other AT ALL. But there is a bit of awkwardness they're both entangled with that actually has nothing to do with the "Mercy" singer. So here's what we know:

Hailey and Shawn have been rumored to be dating for a few months now, something neither of the gorgeous pair has ever confirmed. Shawn even went ahead and said that the two are just friends and aren't a couple, although there's been plenty of evidence suggesting otherwise. As everyone knows, Camila and Shawn are the best of friends and have a true connection that fans simply go nuts over. Seriously, they're cute AF together and naturally, everyone wants them to date, although they've made it clear time and time again they're just friends and nothing more than that. So when Hailey tweeted something that had Camila's name in it, which she later deleted, everyone immediately thought this had to do with Shawn.

In the tweet the supermodel sent out, she was calling out the publication W Magazine, since they had written a piece documenting all those who have modeled in Guess campaigns. It seems like Hailey was left off the list when she has modeled four times for the brand, so it's easy to see why she was annoyed. But of course, in the tweet she happened to quote, Camila's name was listed because the "Havana" songstress recently modeled for the brand too.

So of course, people took this as throwing shade at Camila, but Hailey most likely didn't even realize Camila's name was written in this specific tweet. She was more bummed about not being included and recognized for the modeling work she's done. But because she deleted this message, that just added more speculation. This also comes on the heels though of Shawn and Camila finally reuniting after they were spotted being all cozy and cute at the pizza place in New York City. And while everyone wants to make it seem like the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" singers were on a date, they were joined by someone else and if you take a look at the photos, they are giving off 100% just buds vibes. So there's no way Hailey would be mad about the hangout. Shawn and Camila are friends after all.

What did we learn here? Hailey is not mad at Camila at all, and they are both above the pettiness of being in a spat over a guy. While it's unclear what the current status of Shawn and Hailey's relationship is because they haven't been spotted publicly hanging out together since the end of 2017, let's just hope everyone is still friends. That's what matters most here. We're putting an end this rumor, please and thanks.

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