When the cast of Halloweentown reunited for Halloween, we had never been more shook in our lives. But what if we told you two of the stars were hanging out for Christmas as well? Yep, that's right. Leading lady Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz spent a night ice skating together, and it was oh-so-adorable.

But that's not all, they also took a v hilarious Christmas-style awkward family photo.

These two have had a very long-lasting friendship, which leads fans to believe – are they more than just friends? Hmm, it appears we'll just have to wait and find out!

But before all of this, a seriously iconic Halloween reunion happened. The 1998 TV film is one of those Disney Channel Original Movies that will never, ever get old. It truly stands the test of time and is a part of the Halloween traditions of many. That's precisely why there's a festival in Oregon dedicated to the movie every year. Before the festival began, Kimberly took to YouTube to announce the big news and share her excitement with fans.

"Spirit of Halloweentown is a festival in St. Helen's, Oregon, where we shot the first Halloweentown movie – and they recreate the town square," she explained. "It's so cool and so flattering that they want to honor the movie in this way. I have personally been there, and I can attest that it really does feel like you're walking through Halloweentown."

They even do a special ceremony every year, in which they say an actual spell from the movie while the jack-o-lantern is lit. How cool is that? This year, the festival is extra meaningful though. Some of the cast showed up to support their late co-star Debbie Reynolds, who played the Marnie Piper's grandmother Aggie Cromwell in the film. Debbie, who is the grandmother of Scream Queens star Billie Lourd, passed away in 2016 – just one day after her daughter (and Billie's mother) Carrie Fisher died.

"As you're probably aware, late last year we lost the incomparable Debbie Reynolds, who played Grandma Aggie. While I was so sad, I was also happy for her that she was at peace with her daughter Carrie, who she loved so much," she said. "We wanted to do a special tribute to her and her role as Grandma Aggie and have this monument set up there for her. So we're going to do that this year during the lighting ceremony."

So sweet!

"I will be joined by the Cromwell clan. That's right. The fam is getting back together. Judith Hoag, who played Gwen, and J. Paul Zimmerman, who played Dylan, will be joining me for the lighting ceremony. Emily Roeske, who played Sophie, is trying to come – it's not 100% set in stone," Kimberly continued. "We've seen each other separately and kept in touch over the years, but I think this is the first time we're all going to be together, which is really cool – and absolutely, I think, what Debbie would have wanted."

Turns out, Emily was able to come – and the whole cast had a lovely weekend. Kimberly took to Instagram to share pic of her and her old co-stars hanging out.

"The fam bam is back together! We are having a blast meeting fans in @spiritofhalloweentown ?@heyjude629 @jpaulzim #cromwells4lyfe #halloweentown," she captioned the first photo. A ton of people showed up for the big event, which made the special pumpkin lighting super special.

It looked like the cast was truly one big happy family!

Kimberly wrote, "What an amazing weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who came to @spiritofhalloweentown! Truly so honored that everyone loves to relive #Halloweentown back where it all began ❤️?."

The Halloweentown cast was reunited after all this time! It was all a bit bittersweet without everyone's favorite fictional grandma, but still, it was magical.

This post was originally posted on August 17, 2017 and since has been updated.

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