Jason Earles is turning 40 years old on April 26, and for any Hannah Montana fan, this might come as a huge surprise! The actor played Miley Cyrus’ big brother on the show and he was only supposed to be a few years older than her but in real life, he is actually 16 years older than his co-star who is now 24.

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When the show began, he was a 29-year-old playing a 16-year-old but most people could not even tell the age difference and loved his character. The actor is mostly known for his role as Jackson Stewart in the Disney Channel sitcom but he also starred in the show Kickin’ It from 2011 to 2015, so he has become a staple for the network.

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For those who did not know, Jason has been married before to Jennifer Earles for 11 years before they separated in 2013. The couple had a daughter together, and her name is Noah Earles. He is now engaged to longtime girlfriend Katie Drysen, and they recently shared their engagement photos on Instagram.

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It is so crazy to see all the things that Jason was living in his personal life while he was acting on the Disney Channel. We wish him the best on his birthday and wish him the best in his new marriage.

Click through the gallery to see photos of Jason Earles through the years.

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