I can already hear the skepticism in my tone of voice for this story, but here it goes. Harry Styles and Camile Rowe are reportedly set to come out as an official couple at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and we are seriously eye-rolling over here. There’s just no way that is going to happen, unfortunately. Yes, the former One Direction frontman and Camile have been rumored to be dating for months now. And, yes, Camile is most likely walking in the show so they will be at the same place because Hazza is reportedly performing. But, the reports of them debuting their romance seems very unlikely. When has Harry EVER done that? He’s so private especially when it comes to his love life that it seems odd he would announce his relationship status at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


However, the buzz is still buzzing. The Metro is reporting that they will be openly photographed together. Honestly, we can see that happening. You know the network and the people running the show are going to not so ironically set it up so that Camile walks past Harry as he’s singing. So, yes, they could definitely be pictured together in that sense. They are also saying that the pair are set to “to go public with romance for first time.” On another note, sources are telling The Daily Star they are both coming back to where their romance began because Harry took a liking to Camile at last year’s show. Apparently.

Again, we’re very skeptical of all of this. Not to mention the fact that Harry has dated several other models who are going to be walking the same runway. Can you imagine if he was just parading Camile around? Talk about awkward. For Directioners who really have followed Hazza’s life in the spotlight, this just doesn’t seem like him. It doesn’t seem like his personality. It doesn’t seem like a very Harry thing to do.

But, hey, it’s 2017 and anything can happen. We just have a feeling that we’re going to seeing more of Harry trying to sneak a peek at Camile as she struts down the runway rather than have her as his arm candy.

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