You know what it's like when you start a new job. You're on your best behavior, you have a little Zara spree to make sure you look vaguely sophisticated and you show up half an hour early to impress the big boss. So obviously Harry Styles, after bagging a pretty decent role in Dunkirk, decided to drop the f-bomb and throw the movie's classification into chaos. The scamp.

Yup — Harry reckons he's actually the reason Christopher Nolan's new movie's been given a PG-13 rating; after he struggled to stop himself from swearing on set. TBH mate you're Harry Styles. You can probably do whatever the hell you want.

Harry revealed: "Chris [Nolan] makes this world that makes you react so naturally. You do not feel like you have to act that much as he makes it really instinctive. And you get carried away. He makes it easy to be immersed in it." So there you go; that's where the PG-13 certificate came from.

harry styles dunkirk 2

This all comes after Harold recently admitted he feels "very lucky" to be part of such a talented cast and crew, telling press at the London premiere: "I’m thinking, what am I doing? I feel very lucky to be a part of Dunkirk. I’d do this one again but it may be one and done – I’d do this one again. I really enjoyed this. I’ve peaked too soon! There’s nowhere to go."

Dunkirk's out in cinemas on July 21st aka THIS FRIDAY. Hoorah.

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, Heat World.

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