It’s safe to say that Harry Styles fans were definitely in for a treat over the weekend! Why? Well, the singer appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on November 16, and get this — he actually stripped down to his underwear for a skit during the show! Yep, that’s right, the former One Direction member showed off his swoon-worthy body on national television, and fans are still recovering, TBH.

Not only did the 25-year-old hit the stage to perform two songs — his hit tune “Lights Up” and his brand new single called “Watermelon Sugar” — but he also hosted the epic show. Harry participated in a bunch of hilarious skits throughout the night, one of which involved him taking his clothes off!

In the sketch, Harry and comedian Chris Redd played funeral DJs named Luke and Marcus — together they were known as the DJ Casket Twins. The skit took place at a woman named Betty’s funeral. After her friends and family said their goodbyes and made their speeches, the DJ Casket Twins took center stage to give Betty a special “musical tribute.” But it definitely wasn’t what fans expected — suddenly, loud EDM music started playing throughout the funeral!

Harry Styles SNL

“Time to turn up!” Harry’s character, Luke, told the audience. “Who’s ready to get sad today?! How we all doing today?!”

“Bad,” an unamused audience of mourners responded.

The clip ended with both the guys ripping off their pants and dancing in their underwear, which read “R.I.P. Betty.”

Harry Styles SNL

OK, Harry shaking his butt in a pair of tighty-whities? Yep, cue a frenzy.

In another skit, the “Sign of the Times” crooner played a social media manager for the bread company Sara Lee. But his bosses, played by SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang, noticed some comments that were left by the brand’s Instagram account were… a bit inappropriate, to say the least. The 1D heartthrob’s character left comments like, “Wreck me daddy,” and, “Destroy me king,” under a photo of Nick Jonas. LOL.

Harry’s SNL appearance was seriously a blessing.

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