Zayn Malik went ahead and shattered hearts everywhere when he abruptly left One Direction on March 25, 2015, and right when we had all come to terms with this decision he made ("Pillowtalk" is a jam so bravo solo Z) he dropped another bombshell on us all. He admitted he never really was friends with bandmate Harry Styles. Actually, Zayn said "I never really spoke to Harry even when I was in the band," so no, they don't text and hang on the regular now either. UMM OKAY ZAYN.

While we all found this to be surprising since the guys always seemed to get along so well, someone else in the band was a bit confused by this too: Liam Payne. While Payno was playing a game of true or false with PreBreak, he was asked whether Harry and Zayn were ever really friends and he gave an honest answer, saying he didn't even know for sure since everything seemed rather OK within the group during their peak of success together as a five-member band.

"I don't know true or false for that one. Sometimes, people can seem like friends and maybe under the surface, they're not. I don't really know. When we were in the band, we all seemed to get along quite well up until the end of it I guess you know, after Zayn left," Liam said.

So he's literally in the same confusion boat as we all are. There will always be a connection between Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson since these five guys catapulted into superstardom so quickly at such young ages together and took over the world as the biggest boy band in recent history. We like to think Zayn and Harry might've had some happy times together along the way. And as Liam went on to explain, he still talks to Harry, Louis, and Niall often, letting everyone know he will always think of the 1D squad as some of his very best friends.

"Good friends are the people you come across and it's no different from the last time, nothing changes. You see them again and they're exactly the same with you since you last saw them. You don't have to be in touch with somebody every day to be good friends," Liam explained. Now that is a logic we can get behind. Let's hope Zayn ahd Harry get to that same place too one day.

zayn and harry fist bump

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