It's official, Hocus Pocus is getting a Disney Channel reboot — and we know just who should play the witches. The Sanderson sisters are some of TV and movie's most iconic Halloween characters, and though Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy rocked the original roles, we've got our eyes on a brand new trio to star. They've already got a little experience with the eerie side of things on their current TV show — and they know how to work together. So we've pretty much come to the conclusion that Riverdale stars Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, and Lili Reinhart would be make the most amazing Sanderson sisters. Check out our mock-up below to see what what they'd be like in the roles.

hocus pocus witches
Disney, Getty Images

Yep, these three would totally kill it as children-eating witches from the late 1600s. Camila would make a hilarious Mary, Madelaine would be totally in charge as Winifred, and Lili is perfect for the sweeter Sarah. The rest of the Riverdale crew is welcome to join in, too. After all, we're pretty sure that Cole Sprouse would be just as an amazing Thackery Binx as the original — and yes, we're talking about the talking cat. KJ Apa would be Max, obvs, and Ashleigh Murray could play Allison. The hunky new addition to the Riverdale cast, Charles Melton, could make an awesome Billy Butcherson. As for Dani, well, that might take a little extra casting. But the good news is that if we find the right Dani, she just might be able to double as Jughead's younger sister, Jellybean, on The CW.

Now that we've pretty much done all the work casting the Disney Channel remake, we're crossing our fingers for it to get started lickety-split. After all, what's left except filming? Trust us, Disney — we've got a winning recipe here. Although whatever they come up with, we'll be down to watch. Let's just hope it lives up to the legendary original.

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